Top 5 Free Party Games for Kids

Every kid’s party will never be complete without fun party games. They love making new friends as they play the game, aside from the challenge of winning a prize. When kids are starting to get bored and restless, games can also serve as an excellent distraction. You can divert children’s attention to something more worthwhile instead of throwing a temper tantrum.

Planning and lining up party games for the party, however, can be a bit tough for parents. There are so many things to consider such as the location, cost of materials needed, and the age-appropriateness of the game. What’s more, you have to match the game with the party’s theme. With so many variables to think about, you may get overwhelmed as you decide on the perfect party games.

If you are throwing a kiddie party, then you have come to the right place. Here, we feature the best kiddie games that your guests will love. Check out these fun and exciting games that are sure to be a big hit at your upcoming party!

#5: Paper Boat Race

Another fun game for every kiddie party is the paper boat race. Kids will enjoy watching their boat go the distance as they blow air through a straw to make it move.

What You Need

  • Large tub filled with water
  • Paper boats of different colors
  • A plastic straw for each game participant

How To Play

  • You will need to make 3 to 4 origami boats, or depending on the number of game participants. If you want, you can teach the kids how to make their own paper boats (as that’s also part of the fun!).
  • Be sure the paper boats have different colors, so it is easy to track who owns which boat.
  • When the contestants are ready, hand each of them a straw and place the boats at the edge of the tub.
  • The idea is to make one’s boat reach the other end of the tub by blowing air through the straw.

#4: Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is a classic party game at every child’s party. If you have a big space, this game should be perfect since kids (and parents!) are bound to roam around in search of the “hidden treasure”. Kids 4 years old and above should be able to play and enjoy this amazing game that offers adventure, excitement, and some critical thinking.

What You Needhappy girl who found the prize

  • Photos of each clue leading to the pot of treasure
  • A pot or box full of goodies (treasure)

How To Play

  • If your party has a specific theme, you may pattern the concept of the game according to it. For example, if your party has an animal farm theme, your clues may be photos of paw prints, horseshoe, dog biscuits, or anything that relates to animals.
  • Have these photos hidden in every clue that the kids find as they search for the hidden treasure. Just be sure there is an actual pot or tub of treasure at the end of the hunt, which is the whole idea of the game.
  • Prizes may be loads of candies, stickers, toy cars, action figures, or items that are suitable to the contestants’ ages.

#3: Chopsticks Game

Learning how to use the chopsticks can be a tricky thing to do. With kids, they like the idea of catching items with their chopsticks once they get the hang of it. So, why not add this game to your list of party activities?

What You Need

  • A bowl with varied items in it
  • An empty bowl
  • Chopsticks

Note: Each player must have 2 bowls.

How To Play

  • Give each child a bowl full of different items such as Jelly Belly, marshmallows, marbles, and M&Ms.
  • Right next to the first bowl, place an empty bowl. Each child should pick up every object using the chopsticks and place it into the other bowl.
  • In a span of 3 minutes, the kid who has the most number of items transferred to the empty bowl wins the game.

#2: Sardines

siblings playing sardinesChildren are crazy about hide and seek. They like the thrill of finding the perfect hiding spot and not being found by the “it”. However, this variation of the classic hide and seek game is better played by kids over 5 years of age since younger ones may get distracted easily.

What You Need

  • A spacious hiding place

How To Play

  • Assign one kid to be the “sardine”, and he will have to find a hiding spot and stay there.
  • Meanwhile, the other kids should count to 20, then they should split up and do their best to find the sardine.
  • If a kid finds the sardine, he should join the latter in the hiding spot.
  • The objective of the game is to NOT be the last one to discover the hiding place. This means that the hiding place must be spacious enough to fit the number of game participants.

Note: This game is not for kids who are claustrophobic.

#1: The Longest Line

Kids can get creative and resourceful as they play this fun and challenging party game. As long as they have a sock or two, wristwatch, hair bow or any item with them, they can use these to create the longest line – and win a prize!

What You Need

  • There are no specific items or materials needed for the longest line game. As long as the participants have items with them to use in creating a line, these should suffice.

How To Play

  • Assign a few groups of kids with about 6 members each.
  • When you give them the “Go” signal, they will have to use any item they have on them to form a line from the starting point to wherever their line reaches.
  • They can line up their socks, wristwatch, belt, hair bow, bracelet, or shoes.
  • The group that forms the longest line using only items found on them, they win the game!

So, there you have it – the top 5 super fun party games that every kid will enjoy. Consider having these games in your lineup of party activities and expect loads of fun and laughter along the way!