10 Most Fun Party Games For Adults

Hi there! Are you looking for some awesome party games to seriously bump up the fun factor at your party? Look no further! We’ve tried out nearly every game out there and found that these games are great to break the ice and keep the happy vibes going!

Here’s a list we compiled of the top 10 most fun party games for adults ranging from really quick, simple games to slightly more complicated group games. Watch the time fly by with these games that will keep you and your guests entertained for hours!

#10: The Laughing Game

the laughing game

You’re not supposed to laugh, but you will! This brilliantly simple game is a great ice-breaker to start off your party!

What You Need

  • A straight face (not like this guy here ^)

How To Play

  • Everyone sits in a circle
  • Players take turns saying “Ha”, “Ho” or “Hee”
  • Anyone who laughs is disqualified
  • The last one NOT laughing wins!

#9: Pick Up

the pick up game

What You Need

  • A prize, e.g. a $5 note.

How To Play

  • All players link arms at the elbows and form a circle facing outwards
  • The prize is placed in the center of the circle
  • First player to pick up the prize wins!
  • Players are free to use their hands, feet or any part of their body to pick up the prize.
  • The only catch is that you must keep your arms linked in a circle!

#8: Junk In The Trunk

This is for all of you booty shakers out there! This super funny game for parties is guaranteed to induce fits of laughter.

What You Need

  • Empty tissue boxes
  • Some strings / tape
  • 8 ping pong balls per tissue box

How To Play

  • Attach a tissue box to each player’s waist using some tape or strings making sure that the box is resting just above the player’s backside
  • Fill up each box with 8 ping pong balls
  • Play some music and watch all players jump, shake and wiggle their booties to get all 8 balls out of the box. Using hands or helping others is not allowed!
  • First player to get all the balls out wins!

#7: 5 Second Rule – Just Spit it Out!

This is one of Ellen’s favorite games, ours too! Name 3 things in a certain category in 5 seconds. Sounds simple? Think again! Just look at Ellen battle it out with Ricky Gervais and you’ll know what we mean!

What You Need

How To Play

  • Players are given 5 seconds to name 3 things in a certain category
  • If he succeeds, he gets the card
  • Player with the most cards win!
  • Absolutely hilarious as you watch players gape like goldfishes forgetting every word they’ve ever known 

#6: Codenames


Codenames is the #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s Board Games category. That’s gotta mean something right? We’ve played it and thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s a fun and challenging word guessing group game which involves a lot of strategy. Fast-moving and perfect for small parties, the multiple cards and combinations makes the replay value of the game extremely high and worth every dollar!

What You Need

How To Play

  • Players split into 2 groups and each group is led by a Spymaster
  • 5×5 cards of random words is then laid down on the table
  • The rival Spymasters (clue givers) must lead their team (guessers) in identifying the secret identities of 25 agents (25 cards on the table with words on them) whilst avoiding the assassin (a killer card that will make you lose)
  • The Spymaster does this by saying a one-word clue and the number of cards that matches the clue
  • For example, the Spymaster wants his team to identify the “cat” and “dog” cards. There is also a “tiger” card on the table belonging to the opponent team. He should say “pets – 2”, instead of “animals – 2” so that his team chooses the cat and dog cards without choosing the tiger.
  • If your team chooses the opponent team’s word, the opponent gets a point. If your team chooses the assassin word, it’s even worse because you automatically lose!
  • The team which identifies all their words first (whilst avoiding the assassin word) wins the game!

#5: Who Am I

who am i

What You Need

  • Post-it notes
  • Pens

How To Play

  • All players sit in a circle and everyone is given a post-it note and a pen
  • Each player writes down the name of a famous person and passes the note facedown to the player on the left
  • Each player sticks the note on his/her forehead and everyone take turns asking “Yes” or “No” questions to find out who they are
  • The first player to guess the name on his forehead wins!

#4: Reverse Charades

reverse charadesThe game of Charades needs no introduction. This is easily one of the most fun group games for adults. A classic party game which is guaranteed to bring laughter, it is often the go-to game for many of us … But then come along Reverse Charades and bam! You’ll wonder why you never thought of it sooner!

Reverse Charades puts a fantastic twist on the original. Instead of one person acting and the rest of the group guessing, the entire group acts and one person guesses! This is great especially if there are introverts in your group. Having multiple people acting out words together helps people loosen up and removes the pressure of performing solo. It also boosts teamwork!

This game is so much fun to play and everyone usually ends up in stitches from laughing so hard! Who knew that such a simple change could make a good game even better!

What You Need

How To Play

  • Players split into teams
  • The entire team acts out the words for one player to guess
  • The team that guesses the most words in 60 seconds wins!

#3: Never Have I Ever …

Remember that one time you used a fake I.D and then couldn’t remember your new name? The past may just come back to haunt you in this revealing game! It’s ok! Just laugh it off like J.Lo did in this video:

What You Need

  • A good memory
  • Honesty

How To Play

  • All players hold up 10 fingers
  • Each player take turns stating something that he’s never done in his life but thinks that other players may have. For example, “Never have I ever…gone skinny dipping”
  • Any player who has gone skinny dipping, lowers a finger
  • The last player with fingers still up in the air wins! Winning is secondary though as everyone will be left howling with laughter as players recount their stories and find out juicy details about each other

#2: Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens

This card game is the most-backed project in Kickstarter ever! And it’s easy to see why! Easy to learn and fast-paced, this quick game is something you’ll definitely want to whip out at family gatherings and parties.

If you adore The Oatmeal like we do, this game is definitely for you. The illustration on every card is absolutely hilarious and makes the game even more fun!

exploding kittens cardsWhat You Need

How To Play

  • The objective of the game is to keep yourself from exploding while sabotaging everyone else
  • Players take turns playing cards out of their hands by placing them in the discard pile
  • Players end their turn by drawing a single card from the draw pile. If the card is an Exploding Kitten, that player “explodes” and is out of the game, unless he has a Defuse card which defuses the explosion and keeps that player alive
  • The last player alive wins!
  • Along with the dreaded Exploding Kitten and the coveted Defuse cards are other action cards (such as See The Future, Shuffle, Skip, Attack and Nope) which helps players strategize and manipulate the game to their advantage
  • The game gets even more exciting as the draw pile dwindles and the odds of drawing an Exploding Kitten increases. Everyone’s moves will get a bit more desperate. This is where the fun begins. Enjoy!

NSFW edition

exploding kittens nsfw edition

While the original was family / easily-offended-people friendly, this version is certainly not! This game is every bit as fun as the original with the added bonus of hilarious, outrageous and sometimes crude artwork. Don’t play this at church!

What You Need

#1: Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity - mainWhere do we even begin? Every list of the best party games for adults must absolutely include this. This is The! Best! Game! Ever! Your game nights will never be the same again as you unexpectedly unleash your inner crazy! 

This is a great game for horrible people and don’t be surprised if you find yourself unable to breath, choking from laughter, during some of the card combinations.

Some of our friends couldn’t even read their cards because they were laughing too hard with snot coming out of their noses. Good times.

cards against humanity - 2

This game is strictly for adults and we wouldn’t recommend playing it with kids or grandparents … unless your grandparents are awesome. Also not suitable for people who get offended easily, but who needs them anyway?

You will love the game and demand expansion packs.

What You Need

cards - and the lord said

How To Play

  • Each player draws 10 white cards
  • One player dubbed the “Card Czar” draws a black card that has either a question or a partially completed sentence and reads it aloud
  • All players then submit to the Czar white cards, face down, that they think best fits the black card
  • The Czar shuffles the white cards and picks the most hilarious play, and whoever submitted it gets a point
  • Everything goes downhill from this point when you find out just how sick and offensive you and your friends can be. Expect loads of laughter!

#1 Alternative: Disturbed Friends

disturbed friendsWe know that CAH is crazy popular and you may have already played it. If you’re looking for something similar (or even darker and dirtier), try Disturbed Friends! It’s a simple voting game where you vote on what you think your friends will do in appalling situations.

Just like CAH, we would recommend playing this only with open-minded adults. This is a great party game for people with a good sense of humor and a dirty mind.

You will laugh. You will be grossed out. You will learn things you wish you never know about your friends! You’ve been warned!



What You Need

How To Play

  • One player picks a card which asks what choice he would rather make in a certain (horrible) scenario
  • He reads it aloud and other players vote on what they think his answer would be
  • Players which voted the correct answer get a hilarious #WINNING card
  • First player to get 10 #WINNING card wins!